BooksPlus BooksPlus is a social networking program. It has following main features: . Registration option as user, publisher or author . Subscription to publishers and authors . Publishers always can be in touch with subscribed users . Markup addition to books . Connection with friends and chatting . Statistical analysis . Accumulating points


ScanEGZ It allows you to create PDF files and send them in one click to the dedicated server of the EGZ accounting firm. It also allows the import of existing PDF documents and their export to the dedicated server of the EGZ accounting firm.

Apaga Technologies

Apaga Technologies Apaga Technologies was founded in 2007 and offers a wide range of services in Information Security such as Auditing, IT Security Consulting and Engineering as well a set of carefully selected hardware and software solutions for financial institutions, government agencies, public administrations, service providers.


Educonnex Educonnex is the future of school management systems. Educonnex is a fully automated online resource which provides a comprehensive database that will support your efforts in analysing a vast range of information pertaining to all elements of your school’s operation.

Parent Teacher Online

PTO – Parent Teacher Online Parent Teacher Online (PTO) is the leading online booking service for parent teacher interviews in Australia, the United Kingdom and many other countries. The PTO app provides secure access to make and view your bookings conveniently from your phone or tablet.